What is adfellows?

The adfellows program is designed to fill the gap when it comes to diversity & gender inclusion in the advertising & marketing industry by providing a space for new players & underrepresented talent. It is the first & only industry talent pipeline fellowship to offer participants a fully integrated client & agency immersion experience with unique, hands-on industry exposure & real-world training. It is a paid entry-level, New York based, 8-month fellowship with roles that span across PR, creative, media & client-side brand marketing. It provides access to a huge brand marketing network across top—tier agencies and brands, as well as a deep education on the business & an opportunity for full time employment upon completion. To date, we currently have 98% of our graduates employed within the industry.

Why should I join adfellows?

The adfellows program is developed to give participants an understanding of real-world marketing fundamentals & knowledge of daily business operations on both the agency & client side of the business. During your time in this fellowship you will have the opportunity to experience 4 distinct areas of focus that will aide in broadening your horizon & increasing your professional skillset. You will attend learning programs & training sessions led by industry experts, while participating in networking events with other fellows, industry professionals, & business leaders. On top of that, relocation assistance will be provided to those who are eligible who do not currently reside in the NYC area, and a travel stipend will be provided to those eligible in the NYC area.