At Publicis Health, we are united around one purpose: to create a world where people are equipped and motivated to take control of their health. We transform healthcare marketing and communications into healthcare engagement. We believe healthcare marketing is healthcare, fostering healthy conversations, healthy behaviors and healthy people. Publicis Health is a Dynamic Health Engagement Platform, an organizing principle that seamlessly connects data, content and technology; is driven by marketing and business transformation; and offers our clients fluid access to world-class talent and game-changing capabilities.

At Publicis Health, diversity is the appreciation and cultivation of individual human attributes to create a vibrant, productive, inclusive and distinctive work environment. It is also the recognition that what is rare and unique in every individual—be it culture, background, approach, perspective, lifestyle or job function—is what enriches our company, elevates our thinking and broadens our capacity to do world class work for our clients. A diverse world is the foundation of our present, and will be the foundation of our future. And it must be mirrored not just in our hallways, but in the work we produce every day. Following is our Publicis Health Diversity Vision Statement, which is brought to life by individual business unit Diversity Councils and initiatives. We will create and nurture a vibrant work environment that celebrates, values and leverages all aspects of diversity and inclusiveness, attracts world class talent and serves as the industry benchmark for best practices.