Just beyond the bridge from San Francisco, you will find the small artist community of Sausalito, secluded and almost hidden away with picturesque views, salty sailors, and a different perspective on the most interesting city in the world. On that other side of the bridge is our office, full of interesting people. Strategists. Data enthusiasts. Media minded geniuses. Creatives. Natural-born creators. Free-thinkers. Makers alike. All products of the surroundings here in Sausalito. People of all race, ethnicity, orientation, gender, age or faith are sought out and invited in to have equal access to our opportunities. In all departments, at all levels. Individuals of all differences are given equal respect of our time, investment and attention in order to create an environment to succeed—one that uses unbiased and universal approaches to career development, so that all may get the best possible chance to learn and grow. All individuals feel they positively contribute to our culture BECAUSE of their identity.

You see, we don’t just talk about being unique and different. We live and work differently here in Sausalito. That’s how we’ve created interesting work with interesting brands like MINI, Priceline, NBA 2K, Blue Shield of California, FootJoy, and noosa yoghurt for the last 3 decades. Things are just more interesting here beyond the bridge.


Kelsey Honz - Talent & Culture Manager