Derek Walker
Brown and Browner Advertising
Derek Walker
Speaker Bio
Don’t you just hate these bios that tell you how sparkly, amazing the person is that it is
talking about? So do I. Yeah, I’m breaking the 4th wall by talking to you, but that’s what I
do - advertising. I break through the clutter with a message that says something human
to get and hold your attention. (Got you! You’re still reading)
After a lifetime of being paid to promote other people, their company, product or service,
I’ve grown to dislike talking about myself. Who am I kidding, I never liked talking about
I’m a creative, who has been blessed to work in advertising for nearly 30 years. I’ve
worked at great shops, and I’ve worked at bad shops (so bad). I’ve done work that I am
so proud of, and then I have done work that years of therapy is just now helping me
recover from.
I’m a creative.
I’m an instigator.
I love starting stuff.