David Pilgrim
Executive Creative Director
David Pilgrim
Speaker Bio
David is an entrepreneurial, omni-talented advertising professional with particular
expertise in Creative Management and Ethnic/Cultural Consumer behavior. He has deep
chops in idea and content generation as well as Digital, Social and Cultural Strategy.
He began his career at Ogilvy and Mather NY, honing his craft on their Merck, Kraft, Post,
Seagram’s, Hardee’s and American Express businesses. While at NYC’s UWG, he
spearheaded numerous multicultural efforts for Bank Of America, Pepsi, AT&T,
Astra Zeneca, Motorola, and Mars/M&M, most notably leading their Colgate-Palmolive and
Ford Motor Company businesses. As Chief Creative Officer at Footsteps, he continued
pioneering work in the multicultural space on Lowe’s, Gillette, Diageo, Nissan/Infiniti, Visa
and PNC Bank. Recently returning to general market, he successfully led the social media
advertising efforts on Coach, Zappos, American Eagle, Express, Marshalls and Aerie as
Group Creative Director of Vaynermedia’s Fashion Retail pod.
He is presently freelancing happily in suburban Brooklyn. By night he plays in various NYC
Rock, Reggae and Funk bands, somehow retaining his Barbadian accent.