Bernadette Kerr, LCSW
Therapist, Author, Speaker
Bernadette Kerr, LCSW
Speaker Bio
Bernie is a wife, mama and licensed therapist as well as a motivational and
thought-provoking speaker. She holds every individual to their highest potential
through modeling grace, love, compassion and most importantly the gospel.
Bernie specializes in crisis management, suicide prevention and intersecting
faith/spirituality with mental health and works with clients both in private practice
and at a University Counseling Center.
She is also a published author. Her book Hephzibah: 21 Reasons to Believe
God Delights in You was released in February 2019. Through a collection of
scripture verses, motivational stories, and biblical guidance, this 21-day
devotional allows readers to understand who they are in the eyes of their loving
heavenly Father.