Full Name
Rachel Motley
Job Title
Multi-disciplinary Artist/ Illustrator
Speaker Bio
Rachel Motley, a self taught and emerging multi-disciplinary artist was born in New Rochelle,
New York, the youngest of two children. Motley's artistic talents were first recognized at the
tender age of six. Her work was regularly featured at the New Rochelle Public Library and she
spent much of her free time designing shoes, redesigning the labels of her craft supply and
assembling duct tape outfits.
Despite her love for art at a young age, it was not until her sophomore year at Howard
University that Motley discovered her love for digital illustration. Before doing so, she worked as
the graphic designer for the Howard University School of Business and the Howard University
Student association. In search of a creative discipline that granted her creative control however,
Motley decided to make the transition.
Not long after her transition from graphic design to digital illustration, Motley was commissioned
by the National Basketball Association for Allstar Weekend 2021. It was then that she designed
“Ode To Jen” for the HBCU Showcase, a colorful yet balanced piece depicting an ambiguous
character sitting atop the world, head filled with familiar elements of the HBCU experience.
After that, Motley believes she had a true artistic epiphany. “I never believed that being an artist
was a feasible career choice beforehand. I hadn't seen many other artists, let alone
multidisciplinary artists, who were reaping the rewards of their labor while still living a joyful life.
That opportunity was all that I needed to realize that it was possible for me to do so.”
Since then, she has worked with a collection of global brands, helping bring creative visions to
life. She has collaborated with Coach, where she custom painted a jacket for Michael B. Jordan,
the New York Knicks, where she designed the New York Knicks HBCU Night logo and ESPN,
where she illustrated the Week 0 Announcement for College Game Day. Select clients also
include Nike, the NBA, MACRO, Kyrie 11 and others.
While she specializes in digital illustration, her practices additionally include garment
customization, logo design, painting, product design and creative direction. Ever passionate
about using her creativity to communicate with others, her portfolio consists of versatile design
styles, vibrant colors and cultural references that both inspire and inform.
Apart from brand collaborations, Motley prints and sells her original artwork. She also has a
passion for marketing and creative strategy. Now, at 22 years old, she prepares to graduate from
Howard University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. She is a champion of
providing creative resources including strategy consulting and how-to videos demonstrating her
creative process. She enjoys creating content for an audience of over 40,000 users across
social media platforms.
Rachel Motley