Full Name
Tahlisha Williams
Job Title
Chief Inclusion, Equity and Diversity Officer
Wunderman Thompson
Speaker Bio
As Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, North America, of Wunderman Thompson, Tahlisha’s fulfillment stems from actively driving a culture that promotes a sense of belonging while supporting equitable outcomes for all employees. Tahlisha believes that building a conscious community rooted in diverse insights and perspectives leads to workforce vitality, bold business strategy and purposeful solutions for our clients and the communities we serve.

As a servant-leader, Tahlisha feels incredibly blessed to have found the intersection of her personal purpose in a professional role. From her involvement in various non-profit community initiatives, meaningful mentor-mentee relationships and a fruitful career journey working alongside many great people, her commitment to the greater work of inclusion, equity and diversity is uniquely designed and serves as a vessel for transformation. She calls it her “peculiar purpose” because it allows her to share her uncommon journey in a way that draws a deep sense of connection to people, our commonalities and the celebration of our differences. People are her Purpose!
Tahlisha Williams