Full Name
Jasmine Gibson
Job Title
Founder & CEO
Miocoa Strategies
Speaker Bio
Jasmine Gibson is a Digital Marketing Strategist based in Baltimore, MD. Her marketing and branding expertise spans 6+ years where she has helped brands increase awareness, boost profit, and build community.

Jasmine is the acting Chief Marketing Officer and CEO/Founder of Miocoa Strategies, a marketing agency for black women business owners and nonprofits supporting initiatives that impact black families. With a passion for digital marketing and advocacy, Jasmine works in industries where black women are the focus.

In an effort to build community, Jasmine has launched Black Women Marketers, an online membership for black women in marketing. There, she works to empower black women to take up space in the industry, develop their skills and get paid their worth. Prior to starting Miocoa Strategies and Black Women Marketers, Jasmine has served alongside various elected officials, advocacy teams and nonprofits on brand development, social media marketing, creative writing, market research, brand awareness, content creation, event management and more.

Jasmine's advocacy work has not stopped.

Of her accomplishments, Jasmine has led a social justice event at the White House bringing racial equity and civil rights leaders together to discuss issues impacting people of color. She has also pioneered and organized the Elevation Awards, a Baltimore-based philanthropy project designed to financially support efforts to improve outcomes for the city. Moreover, her social media marketing contributed to the national #SaveMedicaid campaign which saved millions of American families relying on

Support Jasmine at www.miocoa.com or www.blackwomenmarketers.com.
Jasmine Gibson